My Buddhist Book

The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You, a handbook for happiness.

My book was published on 4 February 2016 by Rider Books, the ‘mind body spirit’ arm of Penguin Random House who have previously published books on Nichiren Buddhism by Richard Causton and Edward Canfor-Dumas. For readers in the UK the paperback is available now on Amazon UK. The Kindle version is available from in many other countries too, with paperback versions to follow once foreign rights have been sorted. In India you can find it on and in Asia it’s available from (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Taiwan).

The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You is not an official SGI publication, however it has the support of the SGI Publications Committee in Tokyo :-).

So, what’s it all about?

  • It’s an ideal beginner’s guide to Nichiren’s philosophy for people who are new to the practice.

    by David Hare
    A young man finding the Buddha in him 🙂
  • It gives some fresh perspectives for practising Buddhists with new ways to talk about the practice plus suggested topics for discussion meetings;
  • It’s a Buddhist book for people into personal development (but who may not see themselves as ‘spiritual’);
  • It’s a book for anyone who wants to be happier but is not sure where to begin;
  • It’s also a book for people who care about the state of the world but feel powerless to change it.

The ideas, personal experiences and exercises in these pages are designed to help you awaken the Buddha in me and in you, the infinite wisdom, hope, courage and compassion that we all have inside and that the planet is yearning for now more than ever.

Why did I write The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You? Because after three decades as a Nichiren Buddhist I was scratching my head about the state of modern society: we live in an age in which capitalism isn’t working. We have mostly lost trust in politicians. Science does not have all the answers. And while personal development and mindfulness teachings have helped fill the ‘God-shaped hole’ and can be very enlightening, they also risk creating a self-centred ‘culture of entitlement‘ in a world crying out for more enlightenment. In these confused times, many of us struggle to balance the goal of individual fulfilment with our aspiration for a peaceful and sustainable world. That’s why The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You is much more than just a Buddhist self-help book. It is a manifesto for a new way of living and a handbook for a human revolution based on the inherent dignity of Life.

In The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You, I draw on my personal experiences of practising Buddhism for 31 years and on my 11 years as a life coach and leadership trainer. I have been guided and inspired by great Nichiren Buddhist authors such as William Woollard, Richard Causton and Eddy Canfor-Dumas, but also by very enlightened non-Buddhists like Jules Evans, Dr. Lou Marinoff, David Taylor, Paul McKenna and Byron Katie, and the way in which these gifted philosophers and self-help authors package up great wisdom in bite-size chunks that are easy to absorb and use.

I hope that if you read The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You you will feel more enlightened, uplifted and optimistic. More grateful, more confident and more inspired to make a difference. It is my wish that you will discover deeper insights into how life works and feel a fluttering in your belly that says daily life is wonderful and worth waking up for. I hope you will connect with even more of your own and other people’s awesomeness and live with more courage, more meaning and more joy. I hope that this book will help you find the creative and positive aspects in all emotions, even anger, hatred and despair; for the beautiful lotus flower of Buddhahood blooms beautifully and only in the muddy pond of daily Life.

Richard Jackson MBE, creator of the acclaimed Winning Edge personal development programme says: “Reading this book is one of the most humbling experiences I have had in a very long time. It took my thoughts and, more importantly, my emotions to a depth that I found truly challenging and incredibly inspirational. David Hare has the ability to express potentially complex ideas in a way that is immediately understandable; he has a wonderful ‘way with words’. Oh, that everyone everywhere would commit to read, at the very least, the ‘140 bite-size quotes’ every morning, what a different world we would be living in. I am in awe of this book.” 

David Taylor, Professor of Leadership at Warwick Business School and author of The Naked Leader adds: This book is an inspiration to anyone who wants to make fast and forever changes in their lives. It contains relevant and powerful insights about life, love, leadership and the challenges faced by today’s world. It will even help you discover who you really are.” 

Love and light,


36 thoughts on “My Buddhist Book

  1. Hello David. Greetings from Mumbai, India. I have been chanting on and off, but not Buddhist Chanting or NMHRK. I was playing with a particular word which is one of the names of God, in my religion, the Zarthosty or Zoroastrian religion, which is practiced now by just about a hundred thousand people world over. I also happened to enroll into a course to become a Coach very recently. Around this time I came across your book at a second hand book store in Mumbai and was immediately attracted … what with chanting and coaching….things happening in my life too. Plus, an interest in spirituality past few decades. I have now gone thru the book and have found it very helpful and calming. I just have a couple more chapters to finish reading. I felt that the chapter on finding Mentors to be very short. I wish you had written more there. I visited your website for the first time an hour or so ago. Will surely be visiting more often and going thru the blogs, hungrily. I am so greatful to Life for bringing the book to me. I dont believe in co-incidences. It was meant to be. For deeper purposes. I look forward to keep in touch with you. Thank You very Much. Incidentally, dont you think, a spoon can also be used to stir in sweet things like sugar or honey into the water,, esp after the sediments have been removed & cleared off ? More reasons to thank the spoon :). Cheerz and God Bless.

    1. Hello Pervez,
      many thanks for your kind and detailed comments – always great to hear from someone with such an open mind and strong seeking spirit! And thanks also for buying my book. If you have read nearly all of it, you won’t really need to read the blog posts on here, as most of them are in the final version of the book. Though of course you may enjoy reading the many interesting comments that readers have left on here!
      And what a lovely point you make about sugar or honey on the spoon – I will definitely chant about that image :-). On the topic of finding mentors, yes that is a very deep issue and one I will write about in more detail – once I understand it better! I wish you every success with your coaching course.
      With warm wishes, David

  2. I have been a practising Nichiren Buddhist and a member of SGI for many years. My brother bought me a copy of this book for my birthday. I must admit that my primary reason for reading it was that I wanted to check if it would be a suitable introductory book for a variety of friends that I have been trying to introduce to the practice. However, I can honestly say that it has been one of the most inspirational books I have read for years and made me think again about many of the principles which I thought I ‘knew’. Congratulations. A number of copies of this are now being dispatched round the world to a variety of friends. Howard.

  3. Hi david,
    Thank you. Because of your book, it introduce me to Nichiren Buddhism and I don’t know why but what you said in the book make sense to me.

  4. thank u mr dave , your book has widened my religious knowledge and most especially our fundamental darkness as u explain and the karmic law of cause and effect

    1. Hi Andrew, many thanks for your kind words and I am delighted to hear that you have benefited from my book about this wonderful Buddhist philosophy. All best wishes, David

  5. I thought I’d get through the book quickly. Must finish it by the the 6th May when I leave the farm for a few weeks. But the chatty, contemporary style, that is David Hare speaking to you off the page is deceptive. You read two or three pages and have to stop and think for ten minutes or like happened this morning I had to walk for an hour churning over the ideas that were inspired by a couple of blooming paragraphs. Since you are the conscious, subconscious, karmic cause of the problem (you perceive?) then only you have the solution. Enough in that for 48 hours of thinking. Great stuff!

    Have just read the bit about mentors. Great! Answering the questions at the end of the chapter and thinking about it on a terrifically hot pm (36oC and humid) and thinking is all I want to do. So I thought very deeply about who I admire most and who I want for a mentor. One is my partner in UK who introduced me to Nichiren Buddhism – ‘I suppose I’d better go along with it’ being my initial disgraceful attitude. Then the more I thought the more I realized that I know more admirable people here in Nigeria than in the UK; more people whose views about life and human relationships (‘its his personality – you should not speak badly of him’ being the most thought-provoking comment in the past 48 hours) are treasure houses; people who, when I am in a particularly manic mood, will come and sit beside me and say nothing, just using their presence to calm me, and it works. Materially poor people – poor beyond our imagination in the UK – who are rich with the ability to give. The best mentors indeed. Can I have a copy of that page? said Andrew. Yes, you can have the book when I’ve finished. Thanks, its full of everything, he replied.

    1. Hi Carline, hey that’s lovely that you want to order my book :-), but yes it’s only available for pre-order on Amazon UK for now. My publishers are looking for a deal for me in the USA and of course I am chanting lots for that to happen asap. They believe it will do very well on your ‘side of the pond’. Thank you for your support. David

  6. Congratulations, David! I enjoy your blog and I’m looking forward to your book’s availability in the US. Although I’m a practicing Nichiren Shu Buddhist, we are ALL Bodhisattvas of the Earth with the same purpose and goal…NMRK.



    1. Thank you Kyle and I agree with your sentiments, although I am an SGI member my blog is for everyone, no exceptions… I will do another post when a US publisher has been secured. All best wishes, NMRK, David

  7. Hi David,

    I cannot wait to read your book. I do hope that the Kindle edition is also available. I just need to get to your blog whenever I need a push and am in a low life state. I find your writing very inspiring and am sure that your book will help both buddhists and non-buddhists to bring a change in their lives for better. Congratulations and all the very best.

    1. Hi Madhu
      many thanks for your kind words and yes, I am sure that a Kindle version will be available, hopefully at the same time as the paperback, though I am in the hands of my lovely publishers on this matter! All the very best to you too, warm wishes, David

  8. Well done David,
    I cannot wait to read your book and to encourage others who don’t practice to read it. As a Buddhist and a human being I battle with those Dog days and if it wasn’t for this practice that gives me a much deeper insight of myself and the connection I have with everything and everyone, I can’t imagine how much I would be suffering.

    You are a great example of what our practice teaches us. ‘Keep Going”
    your an inspiration.

    Best Wishes


  9. Hi David,
    Looking very much forward to read your book – will it be available in a e-book version sooner than 2016? As I have problems using my left arm after a stroke it’s much easier for me to read e-books than fumbling with old fashioned print books:-)
    All the best
    Lars Lippert

    1. Dear Lars, nothing will be published before 2016 but yes, then it will indeed be available in e-book format :-). Thanks, David

  10. I am looking forward to your book, and I think you had written a review on the book the Buddha Geoff and Me, I was looking for that, how do I find it on your blog?

  11. Hi David. Have really been looking forward to your book for a long time. I wonder if a Kindle edition is likely to happen? And if so, when would that be? Thank you so much for being such a constant source of encouragement.

    1. Hi Vatsala, I will do a proper update / post on the book soon, but to answer your question, yes there will be a Kindle edition and at the moment the publishers are planning a release date of early 2016 – it’s a longer process than I thought! Thank you for your interest and support. All best wishes, David.

    1. Hi Wayne, thank you very much for your encouraging words. I started writing it 6 years ago, so I can just about manage one more year! The book is in really good hands with Rider, who have previously published Richard Causton and Eddy Canfor-Dumas – i.e they are a real shoten zenjin for SGI! Cheers, David

    1. Hi Tom,
      thank you for asking and yes, my agent and I are talking to a major publisher at the moment, so watch this space 🙂 Actually, you’ve given me a useful nudge there, I will update the article on this page! NMRK, all best, David

  12. You must also mention that the power of this philosophy is 1000 times more when we actually chant and become active in helping others grow through faith. I am doing a course from Case Western University on Leadership through Emotional Intelligence in their Psychology Department ( long distance) where I have learnt that human beings really struggle understanding the essential laws of life. And the process of internal change is discontinuous, laborious and often fails to bring about the desired change. However, you know that though our philosophy has been easy to understand and difficult to sustain but ultimately we always win and bring about permanent positive change. Fool Proof Case. It is good that this book will be out as many people have wrong perception of our practice too. This will explain to readers the laws of life without putting the additional condition of practice on them. Thanks as always.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. I agree that action not theory is the key. As Shakyamuni said: “If you know but do not do, you do not know.” People do struggle to make lasting changes and my experience is that coaching and hypnotherapy can change your mindset for a period of time, but that it to change your heart and the world you need something deeper and wider – daimoku of course! I would be interested to hear from you please what you mean about people having ‘wrong perception of our practice’? All best, as always, David

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