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He also had a six-year academic career including posts at the University of St. Andrews, The Sorbonne and The Open University.

He has beenΒ a practising Nichiren Buddhist and member of Soka Gakkai International since 1985.

Find David here:

23 thoughts on “Say Hello :-)

  1. Hi David – It is about time we met in the ‘real world’ – I would love to meet you. Let me know how we can arrange this.

    Best Wishes Always


  2. Bhantye David Hare, namastye, thanks for bringing the great book in order to help & uplift society in suffring. We are waiting your book because we have a mission of same title “Buddha in Me” to offer in daily life of four life stages.

  3. Hi David,
    Just stumbled onto your site while doing some research for a Gosho study; love your lion image with NMHRK πŸ™‚ Apt that the Gosho topic is ‘pure and far reaching voice’ and your site is certainly helping to spread the word. Thanks a lot.

    CL; SGI New Zealand

  4. Love your site ! … Can’t believe I’ve never met you – I started practicing in 1980 ! Now in France ! … your photo so reminds me of my brother !

    1. Hi Alison, thank you for your kind comments. I started practising in Paris and my heart has always been in France. Small world eh? Congratulations on your 32 years’ practice, that is phenomenal. I have done 28 now, though I feel it’s a new start every day and I am only as enlightened as my last gongyo, if that makes sense. All best, David

  5. Hey David,
    thanks alot for sharing such wonderful thoughts
    lessons learned when applied in life can help us big time….all we need is faith in them. thank you for spreading this lesson of keeping faith and positive thinking πŸ™‚
    i read more often and every time its more inspiring.
    sometimes these clouds of depression and pain of stress is so much.
    and many times the healing depends on our selves , we just forget that.
    thanks for reminding πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Desiree
      I will write about Buddhism and the LOA some time soon, but I read Rhonda Byrne’s ‘Secret’ and thought it was really enlightening and shows that sometimes non-Buddhists explain Buddhism better than Buddhists do πŸ™‚ In a nutshell the LOA is, I think, ‘esho funi Lite’ stopping short of dealing with anything deeper than the 7th consciousness. Thank you for your interest.

  6. Hi David
    It’s great to connect with SGI members world over. Keep up the good work.All the best . Minakshi .Bharat Soka Gakkai .India

  7. an theres me thinkin thanking the spoon was a play on the whos song i was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth – which to my mind calls up karma ie it was his karma to be born with a plastic spoon as opposed to a sliver spoon- funny how the mind works lol- anyway thanx for the page

    1. Hey Lynn, hadn’t thought of that and yes that’s a great analogy about the silver spoon karma, thank you. In fact I may write a post on what tough karma it is to be spoilt as a child cos it doesn’t equip you with the tools to stand alone and carve out a great life! All best and thnx again. David

  8. Just saw a like on my FB of your site and ventured till here and to your professional website…great work congratulations David. Great idea of sharing NDB.
    NMRK from sgi-usa -Amrita

  9. Hi Dave,

    I’ve seen a few of your quotations through Pam Rhodes, with whom I practised 19 years ago. Remembering John D as a really great human being, I decided to look at your site. I’m only sorry I didn’t look before; it’s excellent..

    I’m looking forward to receiving your emails, and will be on here regularly.

    Thank you for what you are doing. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Sue
      great to connect with you on here and thanks for your kind comments. The site has only been up and running 2 weeks, so you haven’t missed much…

      BTW I started practising in Paris in 1985 so the French members are very close to my heart.
      all best, David

    1. Hi Dave,

      So you may know Helene Parienti, Marie Adelat-Prevotat, Chris Henderson – to name a few I know from Paris? Annick and Andy McKenzie from Taplow Court are now retired to Ste Maxime, so I see them regularly. πŸ™‚

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Sue
        I met Andy & Annick in Edinburgh when I was a student at St Andrews Uni, half a lifetime ago (!). I don’t know the other people you mention, the lady who shakabuku’d me is Christiane Alix (still in Paris), I mainly chanted in the 19th arrondissement. all best, David

  10. Hey Dave,
    wow that’s fantastic, I was feeling despondent this morning, forced myself to do an hour’s daimoku, moved a few clouds, had a look facebook,found this site that’s helped move my life state. I can come back and read more here when I need thank you so much, must have been hard work getting this Thanking The Spoon up n running
    It’s really really great,

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