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This is a blog about personal development, social transformation and the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, a revolutionary thirteenth century Japanese sage whose teachings give a powerful insight into how life works. How to get the most from it. How to give your all to it. How to be happy. So… what’s with the Spoon?

Pour yourself a glass of water. Imagine it is your life. It looks clean and clear. Then along comes a Spoon and stirs up glass of water (orange)sediment from the bottom. The Spoon could be health problems, marital issues, a tricky colleague, money challenges… or any other difficulty. Will you blame the Spoon for stirring up the gunk in your life? Or will you follow the Nichiren Buddhist approach and thank the Spoon for showing you the tendencies (sometimes called ‘karma’) you need to change to become truly happy?

Whether you are spiritual or not, these posts will show you how age-old wisdom can help you turn up the volume on the good stuff in your mind, discover what you really want from life and remove the blockages that stop you achieving the breakthroughs you deserve. You might even help change the world along the way…

The book of this blog will be out on Kindle in February 2014.

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20 thoughts on “About the Spoon

  1. I am drawn to your site with such magnetic force! I practised Nichiren Buddhism initially about 30 years ago and after many years of doing so stopped. On so many occasions we had heated debates on the “culpability of the spoon!” Well fast forward to 2015 and I have just received Gohonzon (again) at a joyful women’s course ceremony. How lucky am I – one eyed turtles and all that… Anyway the name of the site is great as is the content. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jo, many thanks for those kind words and warmest congrats on receiving Gohonzon after your little break from the practice :-). Best wishes, David

    1. Hello Minal, congratulations on starting to chant 🙂 Where are you writing from? It would be best if I can connect you with some local SGI members where you live, as they will be able to guide you. All best, David

  2. Hello David I have signed up but don’t seem to receive posts in e mail. perhaps they only come through a website which I don’t have?
    Phyllis…fellow sgi member

    1. Hi Phyllis, sorry to hear that, I have been writing new posts only every 3 weeks in recent months, so that might be the reason but I have also had a technical glitch with the site subscriptions. Most of my readers come through Facebook.com/thankingthespoon where I am more active, so it’s probably best for us to connect there if you are on FB?
      Best wishes

  3. How do I subscribe to your blog? I’m an SGI member in Portland OR USA and got much encouragement from reading the posts I found today. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mary, thank you for your kind comments 🙂
      To subscribe to the blog: there should be a little field you can fill in on the homepage, on the right hand side, under the Facebook photo of me. At the moment it is level with the photo of the bridge. Please do contact me again if you need to.

  4. lovely to find your site ! i’ve been practising this buddhism for about 32 years ! When I discovered it , I knew it was what I had always been looking for ! … xx it is an AMAZING practice ! xx

  5. I have recently came to a crossroads in my life to find enlightenment. Christianity was not doing it for me so after many years of research I have come to Buddhism. I relate more with Buddhism than I do with any other religion. My journey continues and I look to any resources for guidance. Love your blog. Glad I came across it.

    1. Hi Frank
      Many thanks for your kind comments and I am sure you will find the right path to take you forwards. There are many ‘flavours’ of Buddhism available but I feel that Nichiren Buddhism is the one that the world most needs right now. Best, David

  6. I just started practicing Nichiren Buddhism this January 1st. I am embracing it whole heartedly, I have always been in search for a philosophy that I could relate to, and agree with on all aspects. My mentor has been there every step of the way to encourage and support me. All I can say is “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo” to all that read this post 🙂

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